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The Second World War in Music, compilation (8'55")

  • Jan van Dijk (b. 1918) on one of his war compositions.
  • Gisela Wieberdink-Söhnlein (b. 1921) on her arrival at Ravensbrück in 1944. 
  • "Musique pour l’esprit en deuil" (1941–42) by Rudolf Escher, with pictures of the score, the destruction following the bombardment of Rotterdam on May 10, 1940, and the only two small stacks of music belonging to the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra to survive the bombing. 
  • "Thijl" (1938–40), an opera by Jan van Gilse, with pictures of the score, "To the fighters for justice and peace. And to my boys who died for that justice." Photo of Jan van Gilse. 
  • Pieter Dolk (b. 1916) on the Vught Camp tune he played as a trumpeter, with photos of Vught Camp clothing, Pieter Dolk, and the Vught Camp (aerial photo). 
  • Bula Waya/Over the Fench” (1940–45), by Pedro Pabla “Dada” Medardo de Marchena [Netherlands Antilles], with a photo of a German torpedo on an Aruban beach in 1942.


Excerpts personal stories Jan van Dijk and Gisela Wieberdink-Söhnlein

  • concept/research/pre-consultations: Nicole Janssen, MusicForce
  • direction/montage: Robert Oey
  • producer: René Mendel, Interakt

Excerpt Musique pour l'Esprit en deuil

  • The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, conducted by Ricardo Chailly, February 1991; NM Classics 92048
  • original score "Musique pour l'Esprit en deuil", Rudolf Escher, 1941-42; archive Netherlands Music Institute 
  • images destruction following the bombardment of Rotterdam; NIOD Image Bank WO2, image numbers 69344 and 64072

Excerpt Thijl

  • Het Residentie Orkest, conducted by Ed Spanjaard, July 1992; Olympia, '400 years of Dutch Music, Volume 8'; OCD 507
  • score Thijl, 1938-40, Jan van Gilse; archive Netherlands Music Institute 
  • image Jan van Gilse; Institute of Netherlands History

Excerpt interview Pieter Dolk

  • IKON Radio, De Andere Wereld, 29 April 2001
  • image clothing Camp Vught; collection Camp Vught National Memorial 
  • images Pieter Dolk and aerial photo Camp Vught; NIOD Image Bank WO2, image numbers 130610 en 65945

Excerpt Bula Waya

  • The Netherlands Antilles Orchestra, Folkways Records, 1952
  • sound restoration “Bula Waya”, Bureau for Audio Archeology De Wolf, Soest
  • image German tropedo on an Aruban beach; collection Anefo, the Nationaal Archief, image 6#11V

Josh Dillon

Editing of compilation
Bob Kommer Studio's, The Hague