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Ravensbrück Memorial, Ravensbrück
Ravensbrück Memorial, Ravensbrück

As I sit by my machine thinking
Of Ravensbrück-les-Bains, that glorious resort,
That place acclaimed for all its beautiful women,
I see once again what charmed my eye there.

I shall never forget that radiant day
On the Ravensbrück beach,
All that the Lager possessed in beauty
Lay on display in the white sand.
Once again, I see that knobbly, bony leg,
That thin back, the bones protruding,
Those luxurious wisps of hair, so dull and straight,
That bath towel—excuse me, that’s not a rag.

I shall never forget that splendid beauty
Of the Ravensbrück summer collection.
This year, a bluish-gray stripe is all the rage,
Preferably creased and crushed.
My eardrums are beaten black and blue
By the charming screeches of a hysterical woman.
In my covered beach chair with its legs up,
I keep my sunsuit dry-y-y.

Lyrics: Gisela Wieberdink-Söhnlein
Source: Hoor de vrouwen zingen ["Hear the women sing"], songs of Camp Vught and Ravensbrück;
Literair Eetcafé Miller, 1987