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Jewish Children

There were four so-called children’s groups which together managed to bring some 1,100 Jewish children to safety between 1942 and 1945.

Most of the members of these groups were young and were often students. Gisela Söhnlein served as the link between the Amsterdam Students’ Group and the Utrecht Children’s Committee. Her father worked for the railway, which allowed her to travel free between Utrecht and Amsterdam. Based in Amsterdam, the two other groups were known as the NV group and the Trouw group. They each had their own places of hiding, often in the Dutch provinces of Friesland and South Limburg.

Source: Omdat hun hart sprak: Geschiedenis van de georganiseerde hulp aan joodse kinderen in Nederland 1942–1945 ["Because their heart spoke: History of organized support to Jewish Children in the Netherlands 1940-1945"], Bert Jan Flim; Uitgeverij Kok, 1996