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Dancing Under the Gallows, portret pianiste Alice Herz-Sommers (106)

Gefilmd portret (12') van een bijzondere vrouw, pianiste Alice Herz-Sommers (106). Regisseur Malcom Clarke legde haar muzikaliteit en indrukwekkende vergevingsgezindheid vast. Alice overleefde met haar zoon de Tweede Wereldoorlog, maar verloor haar man en moeder in Auschwitz. Ze overleefde dankzij muziek.

Promofilm Dancing Under the Gallows, Malcolm Clarke, www.nickreedent.com

Alice Herz-Sommer vierde op 26 november 2010 haar 107e verjaardag in Praag. Ze is de oudste Holocaust-overlevende ter wereld. Ze was een gevierd concertpianiste, tot haar deportatie in 1942 naar Theresienstadt. Met haar zoontje van zes overleefde ze het kamp, naar eigen zeggen door muziek. In Theresienstadt speelde ze ruim honderd concerten.

In Alice, Dancing Under the Gallows (Dansen onder de galg, november 2010) van regisseur/producent Malcolm Clarke vertelt Alice over hoe belangrijk muziek voor haar was in Theresienstadt. "I was thinking, when we can play, it can't be so terrible." Andere tekende uitspraken in de film:

  • "I felt it was the only thing that helped me to have hope. A sort of religion. Music is god."
  • "It [music] was a moral support, it was not entertainment, what a lot of people think. It had a much bigger value."
  • "As people in the audience [Theresienstadt], we were transported to a different time. A time when we lived a normal civilised life. ... But the nazis thought: 'Let them live, let them laugh, their laughs will soon vanish from their face.' And we, we were dancing under the gallows."
  • "Sometimes I am thankful I have been there. Because I am richer than other people. My reaction on life is quite another one. All complain, 'this is terrible and that'...it is not so terrible."
  • "You can have music in your head without anybody knowing that it is happening. You can actually go into another world. Which is a lot nicer than the world we are actually living in."
  • "I can say without hesitation that the cello saved my life. I arrived in Auschwitz really preparing to go to the gas chamber."
  • "I will never hate [Germans]. Hate only brings hatred."

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